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Training course

Communication without preconditions -
Introduction to Basic Communication according to Winfried Mall


„Basale Kommunikation nach Winfried Mall“® ("Basic Communication according to Winfried Mall") is a practical way to enable mutual exchange with persons not to be reached by our conventional means of communication:relaxing together in the ball bath

  • Persons with a severe cognitive handicap
  • Most severely and multiply handicapped persons
  • Persons with profoundly autistic behaviour and cognitive handicap
  • Persons with apallic syndrome or profound dementia

Target group:

  • Professionals and other persons having to do with the described persons in their everyday life.


  • Understanding the importance of self-determination for every person.
  • Understanding the communicative situation of the described persons.
  • Increasing sensitivity to deal with bodily ways of expression with regard to oneself as well as to a partner.
  • Experiencing the approach of Basic Communication as a way to avoid disruptions of communication respectively help diminish them.

Involved methods:

  • Discussion in small groups and in plenum, lectures, role play
  • Practical experiences to deepen the relationship to one's own body, and to design body-centred encounters with another person.
  • Practice in the approach of Basic Communication with a partner.
  • Transfer to the situation of living or working with the described persons by videos and reflective discussions.


  • Groups of up to 20 persons
  • A room large enough so that all participants find enough space to lie on the floor; only chairs and 2 tables to put something down.
  • Material: Drawing pencils and paper for all; a good CD player; flip-chart, TV with DVD player (or equivalent; in the evening subdued lightning; mats, blankets and pillows as far as available; script (will be delivered as a pdf-file)
  • Participants bring along: Blanket, small pillow, comfortable clothing, warm socks.

communicating via fingersWorking hours

16 teaching units of 45 min.; e.g.:
1st day: 09:00 to 19:30, 2nd day: 09:00 to 15:00 (30 min. breaks after every 90 min.)
The exact timing will be agreed upon according to the individual situation.


Participation must be completely voluntary; average psychological constitution; required is the willingness to get involved into bodily encounters with oneself as with another person, though eventually everyone defines her/his personal limits.

Please ask for further information.

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